About Us


We are a fourth generation world class farming operation that provides only the best quality produce to families across the country and within the United States. We care who we feed, which is why we are committed to provide only the freshest vegetables from farm to table. All of our vegetables are carefully handpicked, packed and cooled before showing up in your local store. We are so proud to be your farmer and take part in providing you with a product that brings your family closer together around the table in a healthy way. Family is at the heart of each vegetable and is why we do what we do.








It all began back in the late 1940's when Mike Procyk founded his farm in Wilsonville. This was where his journey to a better life began after immigrating from the Ukraine. Mike initiated this by growing sugar beets and tending livestock. 

Mike's son Bill, along with his wife Annie took over the reins and formed Procyk Farms Ltd. At this time they took on more challenges such as growing strawberries, tomatoes, cauliflower and cabbage. As well as a grading station for Bick's Pickles. With the farm growing, the marriage of two became a family of six with the arrival of their four children, Christine, Michael, Paul, and Danny.

In the 1990's, Mike, Paul, and Danny Procyk, together with brother-in-law Rod Wheeler, became the third generation owners of the family business. Procyk Farms was renamed Procyk Farms (1994) Limited and the Veggie Family Pac logo was introduced. Today, three generations later, the focus for a better way of life has broadened to provide a healthier lifestyle for our family and yours. They kept their grandfathers enterpreneurial spirit by expanding the business to 1,200 acres and a 125,000 sq ft. facility. They have introduced new varieties to the company and are continuing to provide only the best quality produce to families across the country. 

Today, the transition from the third generation to the fourth has begun as Cody, Bailey and Kyle, sons of Rod, Paul and Michael, have shown a more integeral role in the operation. They are bringing knowledge, experience and enthusiasm along with the core values that they have gained from  watching their grandparents and parents before them. Moving forward, they want to introduce innovative farming practices while maintaining the traditional values of the farm to provide quality produce that has been passed down faithfully since the company's humble beginnings.  


Our success at Procyk Farms has been built on teamwork. We have a great knowledgeable team that consistently works together to exemplify our companies core values and fosters our sense of community and family. Each employee begins with a comprehensive training program in both food and farm safety. Our extensive training programs are continued throughout the course of their employment and our commitment to each employees personal growth and education is key. We certainly respect the great effort put forth year after year by our excellent workforce.

Christine Wheeler- Human Resource Manager


This skilled team creates, maintains and repairs the equipment required in all aspects of our business. By minimizing down time, this provides excellent support to our field and packing house operations. 


We pack and cool all of our product in a 125,000 square foot facility that is equipped with state of the art computerized packing lines and ten multi-temperature zone coolers. All of our produce is thoroughly washed, graded and inspected to provide you with only the best quality. The close proximity from the fields allow us to remove field heat quickly, which maintains a longer shelf life for the product. 

At Procyk Farms, food safety is a top priority from the field to shipment, as it should be throughout the agricultural and food industry. We have taken preventative measures such as providing food safety training to all of our employees and well planned practices to eliminate any risk of contamination. With our traceability system, we are able to trace our products all the way down the supply chain from where it was shipped, back to the field it was harvested in. We test this system through mock recalls and practices to reassure our customers that we are compliant and improving our system. Over the last decade we have been Canada GAP certified with an average score of 97%, thus showing our commitment to achieving the standards that are set within the industry. Our customers can rest assured that we will continue to maintain and improve our level of food safety and quality standards. 

Allison Hernandez- Human Resource Assistant

Mandy Johnson - Human Resource Administration

Monika Masrhall - Accounting Administration

Charlie Johnson - Covid-19 Protocol Asssistant

Gillian Crawley - Nurse

Angelo Melito - Sales Marketing U.S.A

We are extremely fortunate to partner with the Mexican and Canadian Consulate to provide working contracts year-after-year through the Seasonal Worker Agricultural Program. Their long term commitment and time spent in Canada goes back to our core values, creating a better life by supporting and providing for their families back home. These men are a large part of our family. With the variety of duties and hard work that is put forth, we would not be able to do what we do without them! 

Owner Mike Procyk with son Addison, who welds on the farm